Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? We've probably answered most below. If not you know where to find us!


We offer a free 30 days trial which can be activated from you user profile (licenses tab).
Contact us for longer/multiple trial licenses.

Do I need to register an account in order to download and use the available plug-ins?

Yes. Our licensing system depends on an account on our website.
  • A Personal license key valid for one year for the respective bundle.*
  • An installation manual.
  • An instruction manual.
*If you purchase a 2017 license, it will expire on 01/01/2018. Since the new Vectorworks release comes out prior to the expiration date there is enough time to purchase an upgrade to the next release cycle.

Our website integrates a webshop. Links and prices are available on the Pricing page.

Product information

We have implemented custom unit settings to personalise most units to fit your needs.
Metric, Imperial or anything in between is possible.

The units of parameters are properly translated when displayed to the client, including in worksheets and tags.

BIM is a process, not something we can provide.

But! All our objects contain the required information and are eligible for IFC export. It's up to you what you do with it.

"VectorMEP Basic" bundle:

The VectorMEP Basic bundle is a collection of plug-in tools and menu commands for Vectorworks software designed to enhance the drawing organization, quality and development time of your 2D and 3D projects in Vectorworks software.

"VectorMEP basic" features the following plug-in tools and menu commands:

  • Array: The command converts any object into an array controlling the amount and position of items dynamically without losing control of the specific objects.
  • Organisation - Objects: A command that enables you to get full control of all the data attached to any parametric object or symbol.
  • SymbolObject: This object is a symbol with extended properties. It will keep track of its location in terms of coordinates and a space object reference, can appear on multiple layers at once and much more...
  • Organisation - Drawingborders: This command manages all the revision and issue data in one simple overview.
  • Class legend: This object enables you to create a legend of any group of classes.
  • Guideline: With this object, you can generate a reference line on a chosen axis.
  • Replace Symbol: The command offers additional features on replacing a symbol.

Target: Any dedicated Vectorworks user.
"VectorMEP Premium" bundle:

The VectorMEP Premium bundle includes all the basic features as well as Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) plug-ins that enable easy creation of 3D duct, conduit and plumbing networks, no matter the size or level of complexity, for your Vectorworks building information models.
Target: Any MEP engineer or architect.

VectorMEP is the the custom module we provide for Vectorworks® software. It is the successor of the Extensio module. We offer several bundles categorizing the usage of tools within the VectorMEP module. Whichever bundle you decide to use, you will need to install the same module.

Currently, VectorMEP is available in English and Dutch localized versions of Vectorworks® software.
Contact your local distributor if you are interested in an additional localisation.


We provide a major release for each Vectorworks cycle. In between we offer smaller (free) updates similar to the Vectorworks service packs which include new enhancements and bug fixes.

Are NFR licenses available for distributors wishing to promote VectorMEP with the Vectorworks software?

As a distributor, feel free to contact us to get started.

We require a request sent via email from a verified Vectorworks reseller containing:
  • Your account name (licenses are bound to accounts on our website).
  • A list of the last six characters for each Vectorworks serial number requiring an NFR license.

Who should distributors contact if they are interested in promoting or reselling our bundles in their market?

Wouter Vandebergh, owner of Hippocode.

Distributors can submit their questions by mail or Skype.
Coordinates are provided on the contact page.
Customers can submit their questions using the contact form on the website. Additionally we are available on Skype (ID: Hippocode)

System requirements

We always support the current and previous release of the Vectorworks software.
Since VectorMEP is new from 2017 there is no 2016 version available.

While VectorMEP is compatible with the entire design series of Vectorworks® software, we do encourage the combination with Landmark or Designer. Both series hold a specific tag/label tool that exceeds the capabilities of our own label tool.

Mac 64bit
Windows 64bit