Our History

We're always thrilled to find out about what the latest Vectorworks software brings. Vectorworks is awesome, but there is always that special snowflake in need of additional functionality right ? That's where we come in!

We make Vectorworks plug-ins and other stuff for fun. But if you ask real nice -- and pay us -- we can make them for you, too. Plus, we're great to work with.

  • 2015: founded Hippocode
  • 2016: Extensio module
  • 2017: VectorMEP module

The Mission

Our goal is to create more with less. Solutions that are efficient, user-friendly and most of all timesaving. We design with the belief that process and collaboration should be as exciting and fun as the end result.

Meet the team

Hippocode is a software company founded in 2015.
We are based in Belgium but work together with great people all over the world.

Member 1
Wouter Vandebergh

Plug-in development

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Wouter Vandebergh


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Member 3
Wouter Vandebergh


What our clients say

  • "Coded by an industry specialist for industry specialists"

    Gerrit Vanoppen - manager software development of Design Express
  • “VectorMEP Premium promises to be the perfect set of MEP plug-ins for Vectorworks. First because it is easily flexible to support our local suppliers of pipes, conduits and other components. Secondly because it makes use of the modeling power native in Vectorworks to make the MEP modeling as easy as it gets. And, added to all this, the prompt response we get from Hippocode developers, even when requiring tools or commands modifications.”

    David O. - Director of CADTEC