Developing with the Vectorworks SDK #3

Using SDK wrapper classes

While we can use any ISDK function using the gSDK-> pointer, the Vectorworks SDK also provides a lot of class wrappers offering advanced control. There is no manual of what is available, I find the best way is to spend a day reading through every header file.

Creating the VWGuidelineObj class

Since we are creating a parametric object, we will extend that class as it already contains most if not all functionality we require to generate the geometry for this plugin.

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Developing with the Vectorworks SDK #2

Starting from a sample project

Instead of creating a new project it's much easier to start from one of the sample projects. I recommend using the DefaultTools sample as it contains a nice variantion of example plug-ins.
Duplicate the whole project folder and rename this folder to the name of your project.

Project settings

Before we go further it might be wise to test this our project. Compile the project to make sure it is working, it should run fine.

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Developing with the Vectorworks SDK #1


I learned myself working with the SDK through trial and error. The fact that I had little experience in C++ didn't help me either. Eventually I found my way and hope to pass along some of that knowledge to those interested in developing.

This 3-series blog posts will guide you trough the basics of developing a Vectorworks plug-in with the SDK. As an example we will show you how to create the Guideline plug-in we offer in our VectorMEP module.

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