Developing with the Vectorworks SDK #3

Using SDK wrapper classes While we can use any ISDK function using the gSDK-> pointer, the Vectorworks SDK also provides a lot of class wrappers offering advanced control. There is no manual of what is available, I find the best way is to spend a day reading through every header file. Creating...
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Developing with the Vectorworks SDK #2

Starting from a sample project Instead of creating a new project it's much easier to start from one of the sample projects. I recommend using the DefaultTools sample as it contains a nice variantion of example plug-ins. Duplicate the whole project folder and rename this folder to the name of your...
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Developing with the Vectorworks SDK #1

Introduction I learned myself working with the SDK through trial and error. The fact that I had little experience in C++ didn't help me either. Eventually I found my way and hope to pass along some of that knowledge to those interested in developing. This 3-series blog posts will guide you trough...
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